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WET, the masterminds behind the restructured Mirage Volcano and, most notably, the water show outside the Bellagio, has created another masterful attraction that has to be seen in person to fully enjoy. The Fountains of CityCenter is a series of different water and light exhibits that will blow your mind.

Lumina, arguably the most popular of the fountain exhibits, is a sprawling showcase just outside of Aria. Lumina features water that shoots out in an arc and it twists and turns in a dazzling display. But what makes it even more fascinating is the fact that, like its name portrays, light elements that are infused into the spouted water. Hitting all the colors of the spectrum, the jaw-dropping displays of water mixed with light is simply breathtaking.

Next up is Focus, which stands outside of Aria as well. A 24-foot tall, 250-foot long wall of gray slate from India that is showered by a cascading waterfall, Focus is the biggest water wall WET has ever created. The water pours into a shallow pool at the foot of the wall and is completely recycled to save the water. The water that runs all down the wall is fully programmable, meaning that it can run in any direction.

Inside Aria when entering from the casino is Latisse, a huge series of two-story tall waterfalls contoured by textured glass. The water roars and cascades down the glass slides, giving the affect of a genuine waterfall. It’s as soothing as it is raucous, just like the real thing.

Halo is next, which might be the coolest of all the water exhibits. Inside the Crystals shopping center and sporting over twenty large tubes of different lengths, heights and angles, the tubes display various vortexes of water trapped inside them. There are also roughly thirty windows on the ground so the viewer can watch the water below his feet. With the below ground water show and the tubes featuring constantly-changing light and color schemes and the fact that anybody can walk right through the exhibit, Halo takes the cake for the best of the bunch.

The last of the CityCenter fountains is also inside of Crystals and it’s almost as snazzy as Halo. Glacia is a display of thirteen different columns of ice that emerge from the water. The columns are each carved in different patterns each time they rise, which can reach as high as fifteen feet above ground. The ice columns are accentuated by various light and color schemes, which makes it look even more magical.

You can easily lose yourself for a couple of hours just gazing at the various fountains in CityCenter. It’s a cool place to take your kids and it doubles as a romantic hotspot for the lovebirds visiting Las Vegas. The fountains themselves might not be the biggest draws in town, but as a collection, it is definitely worth the stroll through CityCenter.

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Fountains at CityCenter

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